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WATCH the video below now  to see for yourself how to quickly improve your safety during travel and also to defend yourself against common street attacks, in just a day. 3 key ingredients lacking explains why their traditional martial arts or combat sports program will not be adequate.

Would you prepare your differently, for your travel,

if you knew you were

going to be violently attacked during your travel?

13 Nov 2023

1:30 pm to 5:30pm GMT +8

Essential Self Defense Training for travel in just a Day

3 Essential Steps to become safer

Surviving sudden and violent attacks

CADRE Academy 

200 Upper Thomson Road 

#01-08 Singapore 574424

It's TRUE.

Traditional Martial Arts Styles are inadequate at teaching comprehensive self defense especially for travel

So why is it continually thought that martial arts is self defense?

One of the problems is Hollywood...

You see, the movies, gives folks the belief that the flashy moves, kicks, punches, are what it takes to defend against a bad guy. And by extension, the only way to learn those moves is by joining martial arts classes.

It is also believed that when you join a martial arts school and the longer you train till you get your black belt the more techniques you have and that makes you a self defense expert.

Note I am not saying that martial arts are useless. There are benefits to taking up martial arts, But there is a lot more to self defense, than just knowing some physical techniques. In fact other elements such as verbal skills, detection strategies, safety planning, fear management are arguably as important, if not more, as the physical defense skills.

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    In this course you will discover...

  • How you can increase situational awareness, so that you can potentially avoid dangerous situations when overseas

  • What you need to consider when travelling to a new place, so that you can identify safety implications and stay safe

  • How to potentially justify your actions ethically and legally when defending yourself

  • My proprietary "3D" process to prepare you to effectively deal with confrontations, sudden violence and aggression

  • How to position yourself so that you can respond sooner to physical threats

  • How to use verbal skills and proactive speech models to minimize the need to get physical. 

  • How to use my Anti-ANTs framework to prevent paralysis by FEAR so that they can respond appropriately

  • Reality is...

    if you are concerned about your safety and well-being when

  • Going overseas for study or for work.                                                                                                         

  • going to a new environment/school where there are people who can get aggressive

  • feeling that your current martial arts training has some gaps in dealing with real world situations

  • susceptible to random acts of violence, even when living in a safe & peaceful neighbourhood

  • you want to take responsibility for your safety, and want the relevant information from ´╗┐the right person, so that they can stay safe.

  • Any combination of the above                                                                                                                        

  • This course is for you!

    This self defense course is like

    NO other...

  • Based on harnessing the power of the survival mechanism you were born with to effectively deal with a violent and sudden street attack

  • No complicated moves to remember, only a framework based on scientific concepts and daily movements, even a child can follow.

  • Suitable for anyone, regardless of gender, size, or fitness levels.

  • Psychological tools to support decision making

  • self defense class

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    This is our event schedule for the day, Please be on time,

    so that you don't miss any of the points that can make all the difference!

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    Admission 1:15pm 

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    1:30pm sharp

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    Meet Master Leon Koh

    Learn from the pioneer of behavioral & reality based self defense in Singapore, and the chief instructor of KAPAP Krav Maga - Israeli Jiujitsu (under Avi Nardia) in Asia. 

      Master Leon Koh

      Master Leon Koh

      Founder CADRE Academy & Creator of SAFER Essentials Program

      Leon brings over 30 years of self defense, combative and defensive tactics training experience across military, law enforcement and civilian community.

      He currently serves on the expert advisor panel for Singapore Armed Forces Close quarter combat, as well as leads KAPAP Krav Maga in Asia, under founder Avi Nardia.

      Leon empowers anyone concerned with their safety and well-being when faced with confrontations, sudden violence and aggression, with complete self defense life-skills, so they can confidently face challenging situations.


    The investment for this event will be SGD277 

    The investment includes training, course materials, refreshments.

    Location & Contact

    For any query you may call, whatsapp or email us at the below mentioned contacts.

  • CADRE Academy 

    200 Upper Thomson Road #01-08

    Singapore 574424

  • +65 6794 5779

  • +65 9768 1020 

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